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Ethical Voices Podcast: Real Ethics Stories from Real PR Pros

Aug 31, 2020

Erin Callanan, the director of media relations for WGBH, discusses a number of ethics challenges including:

1) What to do when you are asked to make inflated claims
2) Balancing the desire to bring in revenue with the desire to only work with clients you believe in
3) How to combat misinformation

Aug 24, 2020

Dianne Danowski Smith, the president and founder of Publix Northwest, covers a broad spectrum of ethical issues, including:

1) Unexpected ethical lessons from Tonya Harding

2) What to do when ethics and legal opinion lead to different conclusions

3) What to do when employees don’t want to represent a...

Aug 17, 2020

Joining me on this week's episode is David Calusdian, the President of Sharon Merrill Associates David is my first guest who focuses on investor relations. He shares his insight on a number of key topics, including:

1) Should you work with someone when their values do not align with yours?
2) What are ethical issues...

Aug 10, 2020

Lisa Gralnek, the Principal and Founder of LVG & Co., has some great insight to share, including:

1) The ethical trap of enabling toxic, abusive high-performers
2) How can companies best live their values?
3) Why you shouldn’t always fall on your sword
4) The perils of “me before we”

Aug 3, 2020

Dan Tisch, the CEO of Argyle, one of Canada's largest and best agencies, discusses:

1) What to do when you can’t convince others to do the ethically right thing

2)Why reputation matters more than image

3) One ethics question every agency owner needs to ask before taking on a new client

4) How communication...